Artists in North Nashville

Artists in North Nashville is a free after school art class that is designed for middle and high school youth who are interested in engaging with art and learning more about the community of North Nashville. Artists in North Nashville will work with different community artists, giving an opportunity for those interested in being teaching artists ways to pass down their techniques and tools.

FREE classes at

McGruder Family Resource Center

2013 25th Ave North, Nashville TN 37208

from 3:30-6:00pm 


March  2 (DoughJoe)

March 9 (ArJea Thompson)

March 16 (DoughJoe)

April 6 (DoughJoe)

April 20 (Maya) 

April 27 (Marlos E'van) 

May 4 (ArJae Thompson)

May 11 (Courtney Adair Johnson)

Funding thanks to Metro Arts and National Endowment for the Arts

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McGruder Family Resource Center: 615-291-4513

2013 25th Ave North, Nashville TN 37208