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Autumn Harding

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My name is Autumn Harding and I am from Nashville, TN. From an early age, I always knew that I could draw. In school, it was difficult for me to concentrate on things that seemed technical or bland, as well as I had the tendency to look at things from an abstract perspective. My ability to draw came naturally and over the course of being in art classes, I was able to pick up new techniques and skills. Between my last semester of high school and my first three years of college, I took a pause on drawing due to life circumstances and being drained by the mundaneness of studying and homework. It put a strain on my creativity and after a while, I begin to feel like I had lost my gift. Although I had a drawing class or two, it still never felt like what I was creating on my canvas came from deep within me, ultimately making me feel forced to do what it was that I was doing. However, later on, I had a reawakening within myself and realized what it was that made me feel truly fulfilled and happy—that’s when I began to draw again and developed the want to learn how to paint. Based on my spiritual beliefs I have always believed that God blesses each of us with a gift, especially the gift of creation. I’ve often kept this thought in the back of my head and because of that, I enjoy creating pieces that have a deeper meaning behind them. To me, deeper meaning or a story is what brings artwork to life, and ultimately shares the very essence of an artist.


My work explores the relationship between the aesthetic and the functionality of stained glass windows. It is fascinating how this intricate form of artistry was not only used to portray the essence of a concept of God and light, but also to provide visuals of sacral narratives. I chose to explore not only the beauty of stained glass and its ability to disperse an array of vibrant colors thru light but to also touch on how imagery within these windows functioned as a tool to tell a story without words. Therefore, I took this and utilized it to tell my own story of enlightenment and personal realization.

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