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Mahip Rathore

Go out and Vote! Because I can’t. An Immigrant
Mahip Rathore


This year on November the third,

 Make sure your voices are heard.

Go change the face of the government,

Put humanity first, like its meant!


When you cast your vote, later this fall,

Don’t plant the seed in a concrete wall.

Choose love over greed and power,

Be the sunlight for glooming flower.

Choose people, not the stock market,

Feed the hungry, not rich man’s pocket.


The world might stink, when you see the news,

Events of the day might blow your fuse.

But don’t let that stop you from doing the right thing,

Change is just a step away; I heard a little bird sing.


So, go sing that song; cast that vote,

Do it despite of that gulp in your throat. 

Do it because you can,

And do it because I can’t……..


Artwork: Nuveen Barwari, Death of a Peacemaker, photo, collage, and found material

Mahip Rathore is a lawyer turned therapist & meditation teacher. He is pursing a PhD in Counseling Psychology in Nashville TN. He enjoys writing and expressing himself through poetry. Meditating, cooking Indian food, writing poetry during morning walks, and making abstract paintings are essential aspects of his spiritual practice. He grew up in India and currently lives in Nashville with wife Lena Sclove.

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