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Laterrell Cline 2nd 

lc hood.jpg
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My name is Laterrell Cline and I am from Memphis, TN. I began learning that I had a desire to create art when I created mother day cards for my mom when I was younger. I would say art was naturally in me because I was never taught how to create until I got to college. After coming to college it opened my eyes a whole lot more to what art really was. Once I spent some time at my university I began to grow a love for painting and involving my feelings and words into the painting. 

lc bumper.jpg

The type of art that I create is marble painting or spill painting. I love this style because it allows me to use colors that fits my emotions of the time while creating. However, it seems easy to create a spill painting but it’s still a tough process to overcome. Because you never really know what colors you want to use or what your canvas will be and then once you have that you have to have purpose or some meaning behind it. 

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