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Sydney Satterwhite

What’s the Point in Voting
Sydney Satterwhite



What’s the point of voting?

It doesn’t even work. Nothing ever changes, the black community continues to hurt.”


“Regardless of how you feel,

And regardless of what you see,

Voting is a right we must exercise

If we ever hope to one day see our people free.”


“I don’t think any of this is true,

And it’s really not fair.

It doesn’t matter who’s in office,

None of those people truly care.”




black lives can’t matter

brown lives can’t escape ice

women’s rights won’t exist

a race war can’t be avoided

lgbtq+ rights can’t be saved

unless you



even if these issues don’t affect

you directly,

be a good human,

have empathy, but

most importantly…



Vote, because your voice

deserves to be heard. Vote, to be a voice

for incarcerated people that look like you.

Vote, because the generations that came before us…

they weren’t afforded the same privilege.

Vote, and understand that if our votes truly didn’t matter,

they wouldn’t go out of their way to suppress us.

dream copy.jpg

“I’m not disagreeing with your sentiments,

I’m hearing every word you say,

But there’s so much on the line right now,

Rights and liberties are and risk; we can’t afford to lose them in this present day.


Elections are always important,

Whether you like the candidates or not.

In this election coming up, we’ve got to

give it all we’ve got.


Both sides have major flaws; neither one is truly in-tact. but I’d rather have people in office at least willing to listen, than people who spread lies and hatred instead of facts.

Artwork: Courtney Adair Johnson, Dream, Packaging material, embroidery thread, 2019 

Sydney Satterwhite is a senior English major from Nashville, TN. She graduates in May of 2021. Her career goal in life is to become an attorney. She is a knowledgeable and charismatic young woman; to know her truly is to love her.

Courtney Adair Johnson is the Gallery Director of the Department of Art and Design at Tennessee State University and Co-Builder of McGruder Social Practice Artist Residency (M-SPAR). She is an artist and curator who incorporates community, history, and sustainability into the projects and programs that she builds. 

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