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Tania Mathews

Victory In Our Voices
Tania Mathews

Say my name like destiny's child

As a black woman, one of your biggest fear is to have a black child

Blackbird will you learn how to fly 

let's just hope you never run into that American Eagle in the sky

everything he locks his eyes on is prey

every day I pray Oluwa would not have stayed

I will never look at black lives matter

And  protesting

                                                          with black men the same

At least we have a chance to have a black woman in the office

This is personal for me and I cannot get off it

maybe then I wouldn't have to write on this topic

It really does no good

no ones concerned about the black girl's safety in the hood 

Our bodies are just as much our as they were on the breeding farms

Nobody hears you scream

When a black man is looking at a police officers’ firearm

Maybe with Kamala in office 

Black girls and women will experience less harm

We’ll have a black woman in office


I cannot get off this

This is huge

It doesn’t even have to make the news

Because it will make a difference

Only if we vote

We will be able to fix this

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Artwork: Ta'Miracle Carruthers

Tania Matthews is a junior at Tennessee State University. She is a marketing major with a minor in English. She is known as a funny, caring, intelligent, determined, and resilient young woman. She aspires to be a woman that helps black girls and women who often go unseen and unheard. She is a lover of Sapphires and Violet flowers. She plans on being a part of the rebirth of the black Wall Street.

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