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TreMia Clayton

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I am TreMia Clayton, an interior design student in the Art & Design program with a minor in General Business. Fall 2020, will be my last semester at Tennessee State University. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Daughter of Tyrone Clayton and Tijuana Kelly-Clayton. I am the only girl and youngest of three children. I consider myself versatile, I love learning new things and I can adapt to about anything. I am preparing myself to gain academic knowledge and hands-on experiences in my desired field, which will help transition my life into my professional career. After college I plan to become a private certified designer who works in both residential and commercial developments. I plan to specialize in the development of a structure, remodeling, and decorating to satisfy the indoor space being occupied.

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Creating a healthier lifestyle for your family, friends, and even yourself can be an enjoyable yet a beneficial experience. Many people do not understand the importance of a spa and the different services that can improve your overall health. Promoting good health is always an excellent idea when contributing to engagement within the community. The primary goal for this design is to incorporate various spa ideas and room spacing that can satisfy the needs of both men and women while respecting specific guidelines and building codes.

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