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M-CRU Three consist of gathering archived photographs of North Nashville, looking at the changes of building Interstate 40 in 1968 brought to the historic African American Jefferson Street neighborhood.  We will be displaying collected images, new photographs from the area and gathering stories based off of these from the community. 


Vesna Pavlović, ArJae Thompson and KeepThree will be collaborating with assistance from Professor John Warren (Vanderbilt) Video Art class.  We will explore archived photographs and collect stories from the neighborhood surrounding McGruder Family Resource Center.


Professor Vesna Pavlović (Vanderbilt) Digital Imaging students will be joined with Professor Kaleena Selles (TSU) Photography class to work with Seattle based artist Tivon Rice on his workshop “Drones and Urban Photogrammetry” on Tuesday March 21st. These photographs will then return to McGrduer FRC to be displayed with other photographs collected from metro's archives of the neighborhood.


The highway separated the neighborhood during the turbulent Civil Rights era, effectively disabling communal gatherings. Using archival and original imagery, sound and video, this project will bring a number of constituencies together to recollect, reexamine, and contribute to the ongoing discussion about urbanization processes evolving in many American cities.



Date: 3/25/17

Saturday, 10:00am - 4:00pm

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