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Awaken Dreams

Woke3 will debut sketches and paintings curated by doughjoe for the third installment of Curating McGruder.  Join us on Thursday June 29th from 4-6pm at 2013 25th ave North, Nashville TN 37208. 

Woke3 Bio

For the past 10 years, I have been on a journey creating a variety of artworks, mostly paintings. I was exposed to the world of graffiti years ago and it has become a major influence in my life. I found that this art form has my dominant medium of self expression. The works that I make are based on my experiences, emotions and the many experiences of the people and places around me. My work helps me to better understand my own dreams, visions and the world around me. My works are primarily on large canvases, interior and exterior walls. The larger the canvas or wall the more pleasurable it is for me. I get a thrill out of working on large surfaces because of the amount of exposure it has to the public. The experience of working in public gives me a sense of connectedness to the community. I hope that you enjoy viewing the world through my perspective.


To read more about Woke3's work visit here and here. 

Funding thanks to Metro Arts and National Endowment for the Arts
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