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Christina Wiggins

Christina Wiggins “Infinite Vision Series” / “Barcode Series- Scan to Learn More” opening reception at McGruder Family Resources Center on April 28th from 3-5pm, work will be on display from April 21, 2017 to May 12, 2017.

In my work I am exploring my love and admiration of the male gender. With my father being a major influence in my life, I was always fascinated with his strength, originality and unique sense of style. This led me to sketch and paint male facial structures and expressions, throughout a variety of diverse males. Each portrait displays a unique sense of STRENGTH, ORIGINALITY, AND CONFIDENCE just as my father portrayed to me.

These works are the beginning of (2) separate art series entitled, “Infinite Vision Series” and the “Barcode Series- Scan to Learn More”. The “Infinite Vision Series” sends a positive conscious message. The galaxy glasses represent a vision of belonging and purpose to one’s life journey. The universe is infinite and so are we. The “Barcode Series- Scan to Learn More” sends a clear message of the price we put on items or of a certain individual. The barcode across the eyes replaces the paintings identity, whereas you are intended to scan it to know more about that individual as a whole, rather than relying on skin color, stereotypes or clothing brands.

Funding thanks to Metro Arts and National Endowment for the Arts
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