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Demetrius Cooley

Right Here, Right Now

Demetrius Cooley

Ima make this short and sweet

Just consider what our people would think

2020 has been a tough year

9 months of nothing but unknowingly fear

Is this what John Lewis walked in Selma for?

For you to not use your voice that can open doors

Voter suppression is real

This is the biggest voice to be real

They don’t want you to vote

They don’t want you to get out of a sinking boat

They don’t want to put more money in your pockets

To be honest

They don’t give a damn about you

23 years old, I know my vote could better my children’s life

For those I know I have to make the biggest sacrifice

You can stand in line for hours for some new shoes

But you can’t stand in line to cast a vote

So I say this in the sweetest way I possibly can

Get up off your ass and go vote!


Artwork: Ta'Miracle Carruthers

Demetrius Cooley is from Decatur, Georgia. He has been playing football for the past 16 years. Cooley enjoys listening to music and getting out and being active. He is a Tennessee State University Senior, majoring in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Social Science.

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