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Justice McCaston

Within My Voice
by Justice McCaston


“Father, may I stand a little higher

Maybe even a little bolder 

May I represent more women

That shares my same color?”


“No, my dear not this moment, 

You should just stand aside 

Everything is about power

Let's leave this one for the guys.” 


“How selfish do you think 

My vote is absolutely necessary 

Us as women stand a chance 

For this nation we carry.”


“I offer my apologies to you as a woman

I am afraid I’ve made a mistake

You should vote regardless 

Of your color, gender, and race.” 


“I appreciate it father,
As a woman I’ll take my stand

During a global pandemic 

I will surely take that chance.” 


“Daughter promise me, 

That you will not let this shake you, 

This world is a white man’s

Do not let it break you.” 


“Well father I’ll pray for resilience, 

To the Almighty Father, 

I’ll ask my ancestors, 

To give me their power.” 


“What power did they have?”

Are you not aware of their troubles?

“Yes dad I am, 

They fought to get me out of this bubble.” 


“Promise me you’ll stay focused, 

They’ll make you feel inadequate.” 

“I promise to stay dedicated, 

I’ll showcase my intelligence.” 


“Be careful my dear, 

They hate you when you’re eloquent.”

“I promise that my choice

Would be who I would represent.” 

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